InnerCircle is an agency comprised of healthcare and medical communications professionals – known as “Centrepoints”.

Why “Centrepoints”, you ask?

It’s all down to our efficient and innovative way of working.

We embed ourselves (one or more Centrepoints) into pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as other communications agencies – meaning we’re immersed within the inner-workings of client projects and are at the centre of internal conversations.

Why work with us?

Operating from within allows us to support clients without delay or disconnect – effectively and efficiently supporting across all aspects of day-to-day communications.

When you work with the InnerCircle team, you get more than simply Centrepoint support – all clients automatically receive complimentary access to, our:

Monthly professional mentorship programme

Senior consultancy strategic-support service

Expert regulatory and compliance advice

Behind the scenes, each Centrepoint also has a raft of medical writers, SEO and digital experts, designers, and event specialists ready to be activated at a moment’s notice.

InnerCircle is a life-first company, owned by all of us.

We are in perpetual pursuit of creating the perfect environment in which we, as healthcare and medical communicators, can live our best lives. Every decision is made with this in mind.


Our team are the most important element to delivering exceptional service and driving the business forward. Therefore, everyone at InnerCircle has Company share options.

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